Common Weakness Enumeration: CWE

CWE is a community-developed list of common software and hardware weakness types that have security ramifications. A “weakness” is a condition in a software, firmware, hardware, or service component that, under certain circumstances, could contribute to the introduction of vulnerabilities. The CWE List and associated classification taxonomy serve as a language that can be used to identify and describe these weaknesses in terms of CWEs.
CWE Number Name Action
CWE-1386 Insecure Operation on Windows Junction / Mount Point
CWE-1389 Incorrect Parsing of Numbers with Different Radices
CWE-1390 Weak Authentication
CWE-1391 Use of Weak Credentials
CWE-1392 Use of Default Credentials
CWE-1393 Use of Default Password
CWE-1394 Use of Default Cryptographic Key
CWE-1395 Dependency on Vulnerable Third-Party Component
CWE-1419 Incorrect Initialization of Resource
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