Products and Softwares Maturity Index

This page offers a directory of technology vendors, allowing you to explore various product vendors along with a detailed count of associated vulnerabilities. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the security posture of different technology providers, helping users make informed decisions regarding their tech investments and cybersecurity strategies.
Product Name Vendor Name Number of CVE Product Type
Manageengine password manager pro Zohocorp 20 Application
Android Google 6929 Operating system
Bharat interface for money bhim Npci 4 Application
Opencast Apereo 15 Application
Netty Netty 20 Application
Flatcore cms Flatcore 13 Application
Sharepoint enterprise server Microsoft 242 Application
Manageengine pam360 Zohocorp 10 Application
Trac Trac 2 Application
Cmus Cmus 1 Application
Fudforum Fudforum 10 Application
Manageengine access manager plus Zohocorp 10 Application
Red dashboard Cogboard 1 Application
Acrobat dc Adobe 1697 Application
Crip Crip 2 Application
Sharepoint foundation Microsoft 226 Application
Acrobat reader dc Adobe 1697 Application
Cups Apple 56 Application
Anydesk Anydesk 10 Application
Moderator log notes Moderator log notes project 2 Application
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