Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification : CAPEC

CAPEC™ helps by providing a comprehensive dictionary of known patterns of attack employed by adversaries to exploit known weaknesses in cyber-enabled capabilities. It can be used by analysts, developers, testers, and educators to advance community understanding and enhance defenses.
ID Name Action
CAPEC-694 System Location Discovery
CAPEC-695 Repo Jacking
CAPEC-696 Load Value Injection
CAPEC-697 DHCP Spoofing
CAPEC-698 Install Malicious Extension
CAPEC-699 Eavesdropping on a Monitor
CAPEC-700 Network Boundary Bridging
CAPEC-701 Browser in the Middle (BiTM)
CAPEC-702 Exploiting Incorrect Chaining or Granularity of Hardware Debug Components
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