Products and Softwares Maturity Index

This page offers a directory of technology vendors, allowing you to explore various product vendors along with a detailed count of associated vulnerabilities. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the security posture of different technology providers, helping users make informed decisions regarding their tech investments and cybersecurity strategies.
Product Name Vendor Name Number of CVE Product Type
Arb Lehrstuhl fur mikrobiologie 1 Application
Edge Microsoft 749 Application
Teammate audit Wolterskluwer 1 Application
Ip camera firmware Seasofsolutions 3 Operating system
Teams Microsoft 10 Application
Pghero Pghero project 2 Application
Netdisco mibs installer Oliver gorwits 1 Application
Windows 10 Microsoft 3098 Operating system
Gitlab runner Gitlab 6 Application
Bug tracker Openacs 1 Application
Gpsdrive Gpsdrive 4 Application
Windows 7 Microsoft 2407 Operating system
Windows 8 1 Microsoft 2255 Operating system
Easylogin pro Hazzardweb 1 Application
Moodle Moodle 547 Application
Windows rt 8 1 Microsoft 2134 Operating system
Ruby Ruby lang 91 Application
Gitlab Gitlab 1017 Application
Pimcore Pimcore 119 Application
Windows server 2008 Microsoft 2983 Operating system
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