Products and Softwares Maturity Index

This page offers a directory of technology vendors, allowing you to explore various product vendors along with a detailed count of associated vulnerabilities. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the security posture of different technology providers, helping users make informed decisions regarding their tech investments and cybersecurity strategies.
Product Name Vendor Name Number of CVE Product Type
Firefox Mozilla 2644 Application
Firefox esr Mozilla 1127 Application
Wvc54gc Cisco 2 Hardware
Packer Hashicorp 1 Application
Django ucamlookup Django ucamlookup project 1 Application
Thunderbird Mozilla 1394 Application
Libming Libming 81 Application
Windows server 2012 Microsoft 3055 Operating system
Windows server 2016 Microsoft 3628 Operating system
Show me the way Show me the way project 1 Application
Esx Vmware 23 Application
Esxi Vmware 23 Application
Player Vmware 89 Application
Xataface Xataface project 1 Application
Dir 615 firmware Dlink 12 Operating system
Trac Edgewall software 12 Application
Windows calendar Microsoft 1 Application
Windows mail Microsoft 6 Application
Windows people Microsoft 1 Application
Iks g6824a firmware Moxa 10 Operating system
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