Products and Softwares Maturity Index

This page offers a directory of technology vendors, allowing you to explore various product vendors along with a detailed count of associated vulnerabilities. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the security posture of different technology providers, helping users make informed decisions regarding their tech investments and cybersecurity strategies.
Product Name Vendor Name Number of CVE Product Type
Eds 405a firmware Moxa 13 Operating system
Artaxerxes Evolution events 1 Application
Wireless display adapter firmware Microsoft 2 Operating system
Eds 408a firmware Moxa 13 Operating system
Eds 510a firmware Moxa 10 Operating system
Server Vmware 58 Application
Workstation Vmware 213 Application
Wolf cms Wolfcms 16 Application
Linux kernel Linux 6085 Operating system
Taxonomy switcher Webdevstudios 1 Application
Getsimple cms Get simple 26 Application
Play framework Lightbend 11 Application
Mediawiki extensions i18ntags Wikimedia 1 Application
Damicms Damicms 11 Application
Webservice connector Bonitasoft 1 Application
Gleez cms Gleezcms 3 Application
Ulcc core Ulcc core project 1 Application
Fledrcms Fledrcms project 1 Application
Router manager Synology 44 Application
Puppycms Puppycms 5 Application
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