Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification : CAPEC

CAPEC™ helps by providing a comprehensive dictionary of known patterns of attack employed by adversaries to exploit known weaknesses in cyber-enabled capabilities. It can be used by analysts, developers, testers, and educators to advance community understanding and enhance defenses.
ID Name Action
CAPEC-105 HTTP Request Splitting
CAPEC-107 Cross Site Tracing
CAPEC-108 Command Line Execution through SQL Injection
CAPEC-109 Object Relational Mapping Injection
CAPEC-110 SQL Injection through SOAP Parameter Tampering
CAPEC-111 JSON Hijacking (aka JavaScript Hijacking)
CAPEC-112 Brute Force
CAPEC-113 Interface Manipulation
CAPEC-114 Authentication Abuse
CAPEC-115 Authentication Bypass
CAPEC-116 Excavation
CAPEC-117 Interception
CAPEC-120 Double Encoding
CAPEC-121 Exploit Non-Production Interfaces
CAPEC-122 Privilege Abuse
CAPEC-123 Buffer Manipulation
CAPEC-124 Shared Resource Manipulation
CAPEC-125 Flooding
CAPEC-126 Path Traversal
CAPEC-127 Directory Indexing
CAPEC-128 Integer Attacks
CAPEC-129 Pointer Manipulation
CAPEC-130 Excessive Allocation
CAPEC-131 Resource Leak Exposure
CAPEC-132 Symlink Attack
CAPEC-133 Try All Common Switches
CAPEC-134 Email Injection
CAPEC-135 Format String Injection
CAPEC-136 LDAP Injection
CAPEC-137 Parameter Injection
CAPEC-138 Reflection Injection
CAPEC-139 Relative Path Traversal
CAPEC-140 Bypassing of Intermediate Forms in Multiple-Form Sets
CAPEC-141 Cache Poisoning
CAPEC-142 DNS Cache Poisoning
CAPEC-143 Detect Unpublicized Web Pages
CAPEC-144 Detect Unpublicized Web Services
CAPEC-145 Checksum Spoofing
CAPEC-146 XML Schema Poisoning
CAPEC-147 XML Ping of the Death
CAPEC-148 Content Spoofing
CAPEC-149 Explore for Predictable Temporary File Names
CAPEC-150 Collect Data from Common Resource Locations
CAPEC-151 Identity Spoofing
CAPEC-153 Input Data Manipulation
CAPEC-154 Resource Location Spoofing
CAPEC-155 Screen Temporary Files for Sensitive Information
CAPEC-157 Sniffing Attacks
CAPEC-158 Sniffing Network Traffic
CAPEC-159 Redirect Access to Libraries
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